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17 Red at the 2012 AAU National Championships - Orlando, FL

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These are important principals as taught by USA Volleyball on how athletes best learn the game. They are the foundation for the success of the national team.  They center around the concepts that players improve by watching and touching the ball. Learning is "ugly" and mistakes are necessary.

Motor Learning
A USA Volleyball Free Webinar - CLICK HERE.  Motor Learning with the key link in the last 30 years of Menís Olympic Team success, former BYU head Coach and Professor of Motor Learning, Carl McGown, and John Kessel, USA Volleyball Director of Sport Development. 

Train Ugly - Praise and Mindset

Train Ugly - Learning

Motor Skill Learning
Observational Practice?
"Is Observational Practice Effective?  Science proves YES!"
We often put much emphasis on "playing time" being the ultimate means of gaining experience in order to become a better volleyball player.  The truth is, there are many factors which contribute to a well trained player which occurs on and off the court and perhaps... off the court training has been underestimated.
Nels Rydberg, assistant coach at University of Texas, explains how scientific studies proves that watching a skill performed can be just as useful as performing the skill.  In a test where one group participated only in physical practice and another group participated in a combined physical and observational practice, the finding resulted in both groups performing equally as well.
Observational practice can be effective, especially in reducing overuse injuries.  It cuts the amount of physical practice in half and yet, not compromise the ability to learn and improve.  The science proves that a player can learn by watching another player and benefit from their mistakes and successes.
Mental practice does work and is why we encourage our players to attend practice even if they are injured.  See video link below for full story.
From guest contributor Coach Andrew Brown
Here's a great article by Kessel on learning vs. teaching - http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/Features/2014/February/19/Learning-vs-Teaching