The Iron Woman and Scholar-Athlete Awards

DIGS team members are eligible for two club awards, presented at our annual end of season Gala Celebration:

The Iron Woman Award - Presented to each player who has attended every formally scheduled practice and every tournament match during the program year.  Commitment is an important value - those who have demonstrated such commitments to DIGS are thus honored.

The Scholar-Athlete Award - Presented to a player who has achieved a minimum grade average of 3.2 in the third marking period of the school year.  This aligns with the club philosophy regarding the student-athlete and scholastic achievement.  DIGS believes strongly that achievement in sports and academics can and should co-exist.  This award recognizes those players who have achieved a balance of both.

The required minimum GPA for the third marking period is 3.2.  It is calculated as follows:

No different scoring is used for a "+" or "-" grade (e.g., "B+) and no special consideration is given for honors courses.  All classes listed on the report card count - yes, even physical education and wood shop.

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