Student - Athlete First

DIGS is an athletic club dedicated to the development of the student athlete.  We believe in developing equally the intellectual and physical aspects of the participant. 

Our Goals

Intellectually, the club is focused on developing a sound understanding of the game's fundamentals and techniques.  Scholastic achievement is also actively encouraged: the club Scholar-Athlete Award is presented to all team members who meet or exceed a defined grade level during the club season. 

Physical development is based on rigorous conditioning and training, as well as on the commitment of the participant.  Our Iron Woman Award is presented to all team members who attend every club practice and game during the season.  Our goal is not to build "winning teams"; instead, the focus is on building well-rounded, well-trained players who subsequently come together into smart, dynamic teams that compete successfully on a regional level.

To learn  more about club awards, visit the Awards Page of this website.

Key Principles


DIGS Volleyball Club